Murky Merc…the Torch In Your Face Planet

Murky Merc…the Torch In Your Face Planet

Oh my Mercury Moonbeam’s of Retro FullMoony….Ness!!! Is everyone ok?!! Got any denial happening? Any issues that have been in your tissues that should of left the building with Elvis year’s ago?MMMM? How bout any relationship’s that are full of funk and gunk and vampire teeth that are still hanging around your neck like a necklace made from bulldozer chain?  Never fear my twinkle-star’s because I know just the thing that will clear those thing’s up in the blink of a crossed, bloodshot eyeball….it’s called a retrograde glass of whiskey with full-moonbeam shots added for extra……….zip. (oh…maybe I should of used a more health conscious smoothie as my drink of example….meh….)

I sure have been feeling my karma.  I wonder if you have been experiencing a little torch -of -truth shinning in your eyes too?

For a couple of day’s I felt a situation (in my life) building…a situation that needed to explode in hindsight as I was just plain out-right IGNORING what I knew had to be done….and as we know sweetheart’s…when we keep ignoring The Universe’s messages…I don’t even have to finish that sentence…you know the deal.

If you find yourself in deep, reflective-intense water at this time…I know its cold…I know its dark..but put your palms together or open your arm’s wide…and look down…your in it only waste deep…there is still air flowing in and out of your lung’s…your ok.  Pray it up. Chant it out. Look around you. Feel the good the bad and the unidentified….acknowledge it all be GRATEFUL for it ALL…yeah tough…especially when your looking at the scarier bits….but if you acknowledge, then and only then can you truely go forwards with the sorting….the releasing…and the loving yourself anyways steps that follow on. Don’t be afraid to spend time in THAT water…(yes I know you forgot to take your robe off before you entered and it’s clinging like co-dependent kelp to your flawless body but it add’s to the moonlit look me think’s)….The Universe….Love’s you…to your soul and back…wants you to have your BEST life…so come on now…remember to attend to your garden when the weed’s are starting to come through rather than when they are are spreading out of control and restricting your precious life-force energy….

I love you Moonbeam’s.  Don’t forget… love you too…..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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