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YAZOOOOOOOOOO!…..bless you.

YAZOOOOOOOOOO!…..bless you.

It’s all thank’s to these two electromeister’s that I know how to give good lip-sync today.  Throw me a synth and I’ll throw you a party for you and your eardrum’s using three finger’s.

The first time I re-made the ‘Nobody’s Diary’ vid by the ultra-coolio pair Yazoo, I was a tiny tweeny twelve year’s old.  I sat my giant stuffed toy Pink Panther on a chair infront of me wearing sunglasses and I knelt behind him with a hair-sprayed fringe back-combed higher than Marge Simpson’s blue tower(albiet a small segment to cover my left eye only) and threw more make-up on than Duran Duran’s Nick Rhode’s ever applied his entire career.  I sang the lyric’s into the mirror with so much intention, I even squeezed out a tear or six.

Oh Vince…I adored the way you stood…um…looking and Alison!!!…the way you stand at one point in the vid with your hand’s placed in a triangle shape…I am now reliving that stance whenever I am waiting for a bus or in line at the supermarket or bank and I am finding it so liberating.  The hu-mungo diary and pen as stage prop’s and the little drama going on with those people from maybe a local thespian company looking to raise fund’s for roof repairs?…how quaint!

There just isn’t enough old school music video-making get-to-gether’s between friend’s going on anymore! Now we don’t just have mirror’s, we could record an entire video on a phone!!! Twelve year-old me would of swallowed her Hubba Bubba gum in shock and delight at such a notion!!

These type’s of vid’s taught me how to emote as a little actress.  The content of this song…it’s like this gorgeous little poem about the fear of rejection…they kept it….. simple.

So my little Moonbeam’s go grab and apply some eye-liner….go to u tube and look up Yazoo..Nobody’s Diary…put your earplug’s in first then crank the volume…and have an electric little trip with me mid-galaxy…xxxxx love you guy’s…


Shut up already!…I’m watching Lisa!

Shut up already!…I’m watching Lisa!

I owe something to the actress Lisa Bonet…(known back-in-the-day for her role as Denise in the Cosby Show and for her relationship with Lenny Kravitz). She was this sublime, magical influence in my teenage year’s….oh geez…I use to tune into the show like my life depended on it….just to watch her.

She just wasn’t a try-hard.  She said her line’s like she was in pure conversation, her gesture’s were goofy at time’s and yet she had swag with it, she had a dress-sense that I still consider to this day to be my first-love, and her hair…her HAIR!!!! That first episode when she introduced her dread-lock’s….I thought I was going to die of acute admiration on our unfortunate 1980’s apricot colored sofa!

There was an essence about her that I recognized as a Sleeping Dragon within myself…it was cool, in an energy-based way, it was so not contrived or egotistical…she just cruised-down-the-river of herself, young, free and as wise all at once…I hadn’t really seen that before, ‘felt’ it but she held the mirror up and…I LOVED soaking-up the light in the reflection.

Of course she went on to elope with Lenny Kravitz at 20 years old, then she had his baby and I use to exhale ‘wowza’ every time I saw them in the tabloid’s.  She went on later in life to marry the man/lovegod that had been pestering me for my hand in marriage for year’s (Jason Momoa)…then had two children to him…I don’t think he ever told her about me…

I am lying. He never asked me to marry him…although I am sure I recall drinking too much red wine and an image of him in a magazine spoke to me (like the character’s on the wall do in Harry Potter)and asked me if I would like to Hula dance with him in the moonlight …. but I digress as per…

Anyhoo the point of today’s post is that it’s like a truly wonderful thing, when as a young man or woman you find your first Essence-Crush….the enigma that hold’s up the mirror of ‘Genuine’ Cool…who made you feel excited about the prospect of walking toward waking that Sleeping Dragon of inner confidence, self-expression and possibility.

Lisa Bonet is now 48 years a goddess and I am 43…..my darling teenage follower’s..if you can still feel all warm and squishy about a ‘celebrity’ decades later…then you KNOW that they were to your journey…the epitome of timeless cool-bananas…(F.Y.I….the fruit references was an 80’s saying…please ‘be rad’ and forgive me….PeaceOut…)xxxxxxxxxxxxxx