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I “mist” you



Hi Moonbeams.

One thousand apologies for sending you great balls of tumble-weed and not much else of late. I have just been in the midst of mist…good fog though…nothing like the fog in horror movies (yikes!…killer-fog…never forgot that scene!)…

Walking through a little self-summoned fog is good for the journey…especially at this time of year. As it gently rolls in off the sea of your sub-conscious…welcome it in… go to it…let it reveal to you what it is you need to speak of, do, feel, to get clear and be happy for the coming year. No need to get all dramatic and write copious amounts of lists and shout your intentions from the roof-tops or lean in on innocent people at New Year’s telling them with heavily scented merlot-breath of your regrets and desires…well…I mean you could do that…but nobody will want to dance with you after mid-night…well…maybe apart from the oddball, leering dude who nobody… at said New Year’s party… actually technically knows….

My own mist -amble I am currently on….is quite splendid I have to say…

I am just talking kindly to myself (in my head mostly, but I totally recommend a little outward verbalizing while nobody is home. Or not… Pending on circumstances). I am checking in with myself like I am my own bff, fascinating muse, long lost estranged and wildly interesting cousin that just showed up from Venus, most beautiful, talented, wise, most exciting person that I have ever met.

Well…I mean to say…who is THE closest thing to you in the history of time and the Universe and life as we know it Jim?……it’s YOU….of course.

There is a lot of emphasis at this time of the year in giving and helping and spending time with others and I totally believe in the beauty and importance of serving others on this planet ALL year long, but you, YOU….YOU!! My worthy, shining, starry, giant moonbeam of unmistakable uniqueness, must make sure also that you are watering and sunshiny(ing) your own precious soul too…it’s ok you know….you have un-conditional, endless permission.

You don’t have to be all gung-ho about implementing changes.  EASY does it.  You don’t have to pick up any heavy shovel and start cleaning out the bullcrap right this dam instant and it’s ALL got to be done by a deadline and ra ra ra! and HUURRRY! and the sky is falling!!!!….


That’s just not how it’s going to be this year.  That’s just bullying yourself and we don’t condone bullying by anyone, let alone thine own self!.  You are older now…wiser…and waaay more ‘Light’- hearted truth be known.  You are the epitome of COOL, CALM and COLLECTED ‘most’ days… I mean think back…you have come A LONG way in how you approach all kinds of things compared to back in the day right?

For myself…this year ahead…well it’s all about thinking creatively with love and presence in everything I do.  Whether I am washing the dishes or teaching students or creating art or talking with a stranger for 15 seconds or eating food or even crying…feeling blue….I am going to BE THERE for myself in 2014 (cue the cutey Michael singing THAT song).

Right that’s it!… I want you to sing that song and dedicate it to YOURSELF….(the Mariah Carey and Trey version of that song is pretty snazzamatazz also.)

So off you go then sweet moonbeams….walk off into the mystical mist for a while…have a lovely little, no-pressure, think about….things. Listen to the whispers. That’s it.  Don’t worry….you won’t get lost…there’s crystal…it’s clear…and you’re headed straight towards it…

xxx love and light…Tracey Moonsparkle.