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Soul Windows



Hello Sparkly Hearts!

Mamma Moonsparkle is back just a few day’s on from my last posting to you…


Because firstly I have missed you more than I thought I did (mmmmaw, mmmmaw and big squishy Yeti hugs to you) and also because I have made you some spiritual soup.  Now…be a good moon-child and let me feed you some food-for-thought before you run along and play.xx

Now I am not into the idea of looking back, revisiting the past too often. Remembering loved ones, remembering the good to the glorious times…well sure… Go To The Glow, stay there a while and bask in the memory. Soak your bones in the warm nostalgic waters.  Connect with the past, love it, thank it then….walk on…all-the-while breathing in the Here, breathing out the Now.

As for those day’s and night’s when we discover ourselves smack-bang in the middle of a painful memory, a time in our life that stung…ok so I have an idea on how you can administer your own anti-venom and heal a little.  Now I am no doctor and I am not saying the following prescription is going to cure all your pain, turn your bad memory into a good one and I am not saying that bad memories are indeed bad for you..heck no!  If in your life-time thus far you have mastered the art of turning shit into gold-thread and weaved for yourself a cloak of goodness, then you to me are the ultimate alchemist.  If you have taken off that cloak and put it around the shoulders of another human being in need without that person even asking you to, then you are the ultimate teacher.

A few weeks ago I took a bus into the city.  I was feeling ‘ok’.. I mean I wasn’t a box of fluffy bunnies but I wasn’t as blue as I had been the couple days before.  I got off the bus and proceeded to walk up Queen Street…then I saw her.

She was in her twenties, lost, confused, tired looking.  She was very pretty but her eyes struck me as numb when my gaze met hers for a moment.  She continued to walk alongside me at the same pace, matching my stride with each step. For some reason I didn’t find it perturbing. I could hear her sniffing and softly weeping…”Don’t cry love” I said trying not to cry myself.  “Is that you?” she asked shakily…”Yes”, I said quietly.. ”it’s you”.

We continued walking the line….our timeline between the past and present.  Then we came to a set of lights and stopped at the crossing.  I couldn’t bring myself to look at her. “You need to ‘walk on’ love” I said…”Oh” she whispered…”I will wait for you down the road love ok? I will be there waiting…I promise you ok?”  She sighed hard…”I believe you”.

My heart melted with relief.

“Good girl…you just keep walking ok?”…”Yes…I will just keep walking”.

And with that the traffic light signalled to cross and I watched her merge into the crowd and disappear..

I found a cafe and sat down with a coffee.  I didn’t expect that event in my day. It blew my mind.

I felt….incredible. I remembered that day two decades earlier…that beautiful young woman….how alone and empty and screwed up she felt.

I sipped my coffee….I felt….wisdom….I felt pride.  I felt my Golden Cloak around my shoulders…I felt humbled.

Go for a walk if something hurts Moonbeams…revisit one of your precious selves if that self is still hurting…have the conversation…connect, love and give thanks…then let go.

Go home….find a mirror…look into your eyes….and don’t you turn away until you smile at who you are TODAY…xxx




Ruby girl

…I know I know!…and well you may ask.  Look I lost my sparkle for a while…well no hold on a sec….I didn’t ‘lose’ my sparkle as such (nobody EVER loses their sparkle no matter how swampy and muddy life can get at times) it’s more like I had to go into the cave to find some new crystals to plug myself into ….I had to consult the wizard…so I had to do the yellow- brick- road- thing as we do on this road-trip called LIFE from time to time.I am now as happy as a bug that has been trapped inside that has been put outside again, without getting completely squished in the process.

I’ve arrived back in my natural environment…..happiness. I feel….different.  I am not the same.  Creativity means something else to me now to when I tippety-tapped the keyboard to you months ago. I can’t even define what it is that’s different…I am drawing pictures for  my children’s books, creating some work on canvas, throwing glitter about….but it’s like as I am going about doing these thing’s a voice is whispering in my ear…”I have an exciting secret!” and  I am like “Tell me what it is!”…like a little kid…and the voice just says “You just keep doing what you are doing…all is well for today and that’s all you need to know for the moment”…then the voice says “I need to go to the store to get laundry powder and dog food”….well no it didn’t say that I just made that last bit up…because..I’m still a dork from Ork…and thank God for my dorkiness because that side to myself has kept me going through the stinky patches of late.Yay for laughing at yourself!


Or get that person to visit or even call you on the phone who can make you laugh or at least do something to ‘clear your toxic-sad-face air’…even if you think you are not in the mood whatsoever…you NEED your energy-lifters…those people…never ever underestimate their super-powers.

Ring one today and tell him/her that you love them….ring one today if you’re low and tell them that you need them to come to you.

Creative people have soooooooooooo much stuff inside….soooo much stuff that they want to give…express…do, before they beam-up.  Soooo much sensitivity. Sometimes they can burn-out without notice. Sometimes they can ‘feel’ like nobody notices their own singular precious voice.

Save the ‘poet-of-expression’ in your life today!

Just call or call round and say “Hey dude…show me what you’ve been doing lately”.  That’s it. That’s all it takes..to charge-up a creative soul’s crystal again.

xxxx  I’ve missed you Moonbeams..lots of love to you and an almost-too-tight-hug…Trace…