I’ve taken drastic action Moonbeam’s….I have taken to setting the alarm for 5.30 am….I am walking around with a clip-board like a 1965 office secretary and AND…I’ve exercised the dog, showered, house-worked and had breakfast by 7pm….ready to set to work arting by 7.20am….

You may ask” Hey…Moonsparkle!…whatcha doing for those twenty minutes….because you haven’t mentioned anything about that…”

Well for those twenty minutes I’m doing all my procrastinating for the day.  Meaningful Procrastination I call it.  I’m thinking of teaching classes about  it.  Maybe.  Next term….or…next year.  Not sure.

Yes ok fine…you can stop laughing now….

Thing is….is seem’s to be working!….Ok so I also take another 20 min break in the early arvo and again in the late afternoon then I do another hour of work then I sign off for the day with waaay more work done so…I am free to do what I like!!!  I can procrastinate till I fall asleep and oh my star’s I bloody well do!!

Anyhoo  I have to go and do productive, life enhancing stuff now….strict schedule in-all folk’s…you know how is….but give it a twirl!….Conscious Procrastinating….(note…being close to a window to stare out of it for at least 5 of those precious minute’s is a condition)….and no doodling when you pencil your Procrasty time into your diary ok??! Until next time my love’s….toodles!  xxxx


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    • Tee Hee! As it turned out, yesterday i was doing one of my procrastination sessions, I was doodling in between stuffing my face with a cupcake
      and tea drinking, and a brilliant new idea
      popped into my head…mind you….who
      would not be inspired by tea and cake?

      edinto my head for a project I’m working on!

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