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Quiet little Fish….

Quiet little Fish….

You stole my tide…..my sea of plenty

and fed it to the toi toi’s saw-like teeth.

When I lay sleeping

you slipped a fish-hook to my tongue to

reel me in…

should I say too much.

You gifted me a pretty dress

lined in a fisherman’s net

to remind me that I AM your flotsam…caught.

You invite my bone’s to swim with your’s…

I break-surface to find you laughing-cruel upon the rock’s, and

again I’m slick with oil.

This environmental disaster

makes you not my master.

I still have in my hand

one tiny grain of sand…

There-in sit’s….



My Poets Heart


I’ve cut for you a mirror from

a pheasant feather quill

It hangs upon my


Please? Will you render still?

I sit inside this looking glass

lived here for many year’s

Sleeping under parchment sheets

shedding ink-stained tears

I don’t blame the highwayman

nor the angle of the moon

I wrote MYSELF unwritten

Laid to rest Miss Nom de Plume

Now you stand before me

an anonymous reflection

bringing with you all I need

to usher in redemption

This bird once mute and

clipped from flight

now trill’s and contemplate’s new heights!

This Princess trapped twixt

book and shelf

decline’s rescue and

saves HERSELF!

This woman of complexity

believe’s in serendipity

in angel’s, veil’s and galaxies..

the world beneath her pen

I cut for you a mirror

now it’s time for us to part

Your silent observation has made-beat my Poet’s Heart…