Mmmm…about me……..I thought I’d sum up a few of the nine billion things that I like/adore/admire/love about this existence of mine by randomly jotting whatever came to mind.  Cue the karaoke soundtrack to ‘These are a few of my favourite things’….Motherhood, creativity, serendipity, artists, Faerys, word’s, self expression, trees, human strength, trail-blazers, life-savers, animal right’s and the human’s who speak up for them, babies, children, sunflowers, angels, yoga, cultures, colours, compassion, dreamers, creatures with feathers, fur, reptilian and water-proof skins, a cup of tea, falling down rabbit holes, random acts of kindness,chanting, praying, writers, writing, reading, conversations that leave you feeling uplifted, autumn, lorax trees, eccentrics, art supplies,Vegan…everything!, strangers who bid you good-morning, joy bringers, thought provokers, wise wizards, truth seekers and speakers, irony, biddy-bids, bindi’s, Buddha, J.C, Ganesh, Archangel’s,The song O Fortuna, unicorns, bubbles that fight to the pop, anti-bullying campaigners, kooky frocks, hooting owls, beating drum’s, dancing, imagination, velvet capes, new beginnings, authentic encounters, mist on water, country air, magic, performing, teaching, visiting happy memories, solitude, quirky everything’s, kindred spirits, oneness, peaceful faces, meaningful embraces, happy-tears , knowing that I AM loved, knowing that I will always give love, knowing that love…love…love…is THE best thing that has ever and will ever… exist. Oh and by the way? You ARE love…xxxx

Tracey Moonsparkle


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