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Greetings to one and all and a very warm welcome to this…my humble little place in time and space…
I have made an exciting and important decision….I have decided to ‘begin’.

I have taken off the blindfold, taken my fingers out of my ears, told the cat to let go of my tongue, untied my hands, set the pecking birds free from my mind-cage, kicked off the shackles and opened my heart…wide.

Its time to let the words simply crawl down my arm, over my inky quill and onto the page. I have made a commitment to The Universe to ‘observe more consciously’… to be a student of the present moment.I make art and teach dance and drama as well as showing children and adults how to value themselves and others through creative workshops.

I have sooo much more to say to you, to explore, to learn and to……write over all the posts that are yet to come.I invite you to beam-in at your leisure, share with me your thoughts if you so feel the urge…I will treasure each and every visitor!

Love and Light to You always…Tracey