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We have em…those day’s…the wobbly-un-co-unsure-footed-hyper-sensitive-what-the-fudge-days where your just holding it together as you zig-zag from one thing to the next feeling like your going to implode into a thousand  spikey particles should you attempt to take another step…

You tell yourself…’ok …come on love…pull yourself together’ or ‘calm your farm’ or ‘take five’ ‘take a breather’ ‘take some caffenine….a cake….a nap…a headache pill…make a list of positive affirmations…. Good!….Good idea!…where’s a pen?? Oh for goodness sake’s you dont have a pen??? You always have a pen! Oh forget the list then!!! What were you thinking leaving the house without your pen and your dignity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??

Yes…well that there, right above, is an example of one of my….’those day’s’ day’s and the un-charming self- talk that goes on. And on. And on….until I fall into bed at night stiffer than an ironing-board with my brain frying inside my head like an egg left too long on a skillet pan.

I came to the conclusion that I am a person who keeps to herself on those day’s…very aware of the fact that I don’t feel that I can ‘put my stuff, my skew-wiffy energy ‘onto’ another person…but you know what?  That’s just silly.  It wasn’t working for me.

Some people can decide to set to a task on their own to change their mind and the course of the day and it works as quick as match, to light the way forward into changing their vibe of the day. Not for me…..

I need someone.  To talk to me. Even for like five minutes.  Hey and I don’t even have to wax-on about my tricky day or how yuck I’m feeling or any of that….I just need to go to a ‘go-to’ pal and to listen to them talk about well…..anything…anything at all it doesn’t matter because instantly…..within second’s…I feel better….purified. Un- craycrayed.  Not so intensio-so.  Human, rather than a manic flying tumble weed  full of teeth and popping eyes…..

You forget that there are people in the world that love and care about you on those day’s. They LOVE you and they don’t want to see you all twisty and sad and they are MORE than willing to talk to you or to tell you a corny knock-knock joke that’s so bad and old-school that it actually makes you laugh.  So Moonbeam’s….please don’t go through your day all funky and lost-teddy-bear…that hurt’s too much. Remember to call your ‘go to’…and remember….you are safe….oh yeah and did I mention….fricken PERFECT….even on the ‘those day’s’…..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Eat, Pray (on your mobile) Love

Eat, Pray (on your mobile) Love

So I was walking into the township this morn, (overly swinging my arm’s I noticed, which mean’s that I was in a particularly snazzaroo mood) so I decided to start a conversation with God in my head.  I wanted to chat about my day ahead, ask for a little guidance, give a little thank’s for the ‘do have’s’, send the world a little love etc etc…get the day’s structure set-up nicely with a big ol juicy prayer…well..ah….ya…I, (as it turn’s out) I really suck at walking, talking and praying silently inside this skull of mine….meh!…what can I say…I kept getting all distracted….looking at stuff.  You can’t start a prayer and call-in all your spiritual being’s then trail off patting cat’s and sniffing flower’s and checking your hair in parked car window reflection’s…( ya I woke up with frizz ok…what can I say it get’s me a little paranoid.)

I could just imagine my spiritual team on High that I had invited in looking at each other, rolling their eye’s, looking at their Timeless Watches (there is no ‘time’ as such in Heaven) maybe making such comment’s as ‘Oh bless her day-dreamy heart but that child of God makes me feel like I am going to be late even though I am a being of an Omnipresent nature!’

Then it came to me…I needed to SPEAK-my-prayer.  I wasn’t quite comfortable with walking along the street talking out loud( I’ll get there one day) so I thought…I know!…I  will speak my prayer into my cell-phone!….Genius!….Madness! Genius-Madness! Whatever…it worked a treat! Prayer Complete. Soo….if like me you are distracted hugely by even a leaf falling from a tree  then this is the way to do go my little Moonbeam’s….0800CALLTHECOSMOS….XXXXXXXXXXXX

Toast, a kiss, and a tattooed Prince.

Toast, a kiss, and a tattooed Prince.

What is going on my dear friend’s?  Of late I am the receiver of all these present’s…and the card keep’s reading…For You Trace with Love from The Divine.  If I cry ANY more Happy Tear’s of a day…I am going to have to take a change of clothes with me every time I step out the door!  These were the precious interception’s in my yesterday….

Drinking my morning coffee, looking out of my bedroom window I saw toast come flying out of the kitchen window of the house next door.  A little boy in pajama’s then appear’s and say’s ‘Grandma! You can’t feed the bird’s BURNT toast it will hurt their tummy’s and taste like smoke!  Grandma follow’s him out, trying not to laugh at his insanely cute determination.

He pick’s up the toast frowning and shaking his head…”Grandma you have ‘deelishush’ budgie seed inside…why can’t we give some to the ‘outside bird’s’?  Grandma’s face beamed.  I could tell she was BASKING in that moment shared with her darling Grandson…and as she picked him up she inhaled deeply the smell of him…the joy of him…the sweetness of his innocent wisdom….’Of course we can my lovely boy…that is a WONDERFUL idea…you are so kind…’

At the supermarket, later that morning I was putting apple’s in my basket…I look up and a little baby is sitting in a trolley, smiling right into my eye’s…I blow her a kiss…she blow’s one back.

On the bus coming home from the city much later that day I sat next to a young man with heavy facial tattoo’s, several facial piercing’s and the biggest mohawk hair-do that I have seen in DECADES!!!!…I am talking EPIC.  When seeing a very elderly couple being helped onto the bus by the driver he turn’s to me and say’s.’Um..excuse me, would you mind giving-up your seat with me for those two because the bus is full?

‘Of course I will’  I said grinning like The Cheshire Cat.

He then helped them to the seat, arranged the trundler the lady had to sit securely..and then said ‘Now are you both comfortable?’  The elderly couple both chimed a dozen time’s ‘Yes dear, thank you thank you’s’ between them and the little old lady even took his hand and squeezed it in gratitude.

Life just keep’s cracking my heart open in Love…every day there is an Angel in My Sky…and Angel’s on the Ground.  I love my life.xxxx

How A’muse’ ing…..

How A’muse’ ing…..

Sometimes you get stunned by the tranquilizer-dart of the Muse Goddess. As you fall into a slumber you KNOW that once you arrive at the state of Muse-induced unconsciousness that She want’s you to SEE something.  When I saw this image…I started to swim in a pool of her lovingly concocted Truth serum.  I thought…’Oh good Goddess it’s me in a profile!’.

The Jane Austin theatrical hair-up, the zodiac horn of Aries, the stage make-up, the artistic painted-on cheek, the mask…oh the mask!. Mmmm… although beautiful, intricate, veiled and mysterious…it still cover’s the eyes and mouth…a mask is a mask after all….

I want to see…clearly.  I want to speak with no barrier’s. Show my quirky pop of color.  I want to be a bare-faced truth-sayer.  Each day I want to rise-up and etch my finger’s along the groove’s of my’ I AM ‘- Arian horn’s, stand strong on MY humble little hill and let-my-hair- down so that it may fly up and away to entwine with the highest mountain’s, the sky…and the Mighty beyond!

My wish for you all this year is that you will be free to EXPRESS yourself’s…without running, hiding, or covering-up one single aspect of your Divinity.  There is nothing wrong with taking a glimpse behind (it is important to remember, give thank’s, bless and let go.)  It is important to turn full circle to the North, South, East and West..(.awareness, beauty, danger, light and darkness is what this world has always contained).  It is o.k to look down…(you need to make sure that you are GROUNDED in Spirit today.)  Lift your head now and look forward…no matter the road ahead,or who you are, you are always TRUTH -headed.  Lastly look Up….and take great comfort…the Greatest comfort of all…in the knowledge that you are LOVED no matter the mask you wear, no matter the skin you bare….your SOUL is the most precious color in the Universe….it’s the color of Love xxxxx

One Wednesday Morning…


park bench
Hi beautiful creatures,

A couple weeks ago something extra EXTRA – ordinary happened to me while out walking.  Something so simple and yet sooo profound in its simplicity… that I will never forget it. A minute from my house there is an old church and cemetery…I often cut through this peaceful place on my way to town to get coffee or run errand’s etc.Prior to leaving that morning I was feeling a bit stressy blah-blah, sweating the small-stuff, over-thinking things. Because of this I instantly became more clumsy than usual…I managed to drop and break a plate, step on my dog’s paw, step on my reading spectacles and the winner is….drum-roll please for this one…bite my tongue in the midst of singing in the shower….yup!…I was the epitome of cool on a Wednesday morn!  This all took place over the course of one hour….Oh my stars people!…At this juncture I was working myself into a right old tizzy!  I needed to calm my farm a.s.a.p or I had a feeling that the rest of my day was going to play-out like a Salvador Dali painting overtaken by scissor-holding gorilla’s.I made the decision to drop down into ‘Child’s Pose’.  This Yoga pose works especially well on ‘lullabying’ the mind. It encourages you to ‘let go. It whispers to you ‘Everything’s going to be alright’ in a Bob Marley kind of way. Once you are there just…listen to your breathing…breathe with gentle purpose like a sleeping baby.

With my intentions reset and rewired (thank you yoga and that Glinda the Good Witch side of my very own soul that came to help), I ventured down the road…the sun was out, I was breathing, I was doing my best to move as sure-footed as a Tiger whilst with every six or so steps I would say to myself I AM LOVE… God bless the opportunity to start again in the next precious moment.

I reached the pathway to the cemetery and in the distance I could see an old man sitting on a bench seat next to the church holding onto his walking frame…as I approached, he started to get up, struggling with the process, wobbly…but smiling and keeping his kind eyes focused on mine.

I hurried up “Sir are you ok? Do you need some help with something?” I said steadying his arm. His reply…”Oh no dear I was just getting up to take my hat off to you….to say good-morning…”

I couldnt move. I was stunned by his beauty…I was honored to my core by his intention…

“May I ask your name?’ I said.

“Yes its Ronald” he said as he bent his head forward and with his free arm raised his hat.

Fighting back my happy-tears I said “Ronald you have no idea how you have made my day perfect…..Thank you so very much.”

As I helped him to sit down again…a family approached us…

“Oh there they are…my family..” he said…smiling away again…

“A very good morning to YOU Ronald”…I waved out to the family then left the scene.

As I walked on into town, I let the tear’s fall…well…they were inevitable.

In my entire life I have never experienced a ‘good-morning’ like it.

With his sweet old-worldy gesture he engraved a poem of gold into my heart.

Angels really do move among us…..

xxxx  love and light to you always…Tracey Moonsparkle.