To the Everwood’s…May you Stand Tall There…For All Time…

To the Everwood’s…May you Stand Tall There…For All Time…

I went to see my favorite tree last night…to perform my full-moon ritual…and she was gone.  Just uplifted dirt, a few of her limb’s  and the base of her trunk remained.  I have gone to her many times over the last few year’s…she lived in a secluded reserve…a native tree to my country…a Pohutukawa Tree.

I started to shake and cry.  I stood for ten minutes feeling my pain then I thought…no.  I am not going to approach her in sadness…I am going to perform a ritual and give thank’s for her life.  I wiped away my last tear, gathered my emotion’s and walked up to her…I swept away the dirt and made her pretty…I put candles all around her trunk -base and the flower’s and fruit that I had brought I placed upon her with gentle purpose. I gathered the saw dust and arranged it like hair and placed her branches close by her side.  I stroked her remains with all my Earth-Mother might. I kept telling her that I loved her…over and over.  I made a connection…to ALL trees…to ALL The Fallen Ones.  To every creature who has ever ‘come home’ to find their Tree Mother gone. The Moon shone down upon us and as I lifted my face to Her I asked Her to come to us…to cloak us…to hold us in her Light.  I then stood to my feet and performed my ritual…the word’s came from my lip’s…but I feel that it was not I who invented them to be spoken…I felt humbled by this beyond measure.

I have been in a daze today. Very quiet. Last night was life-changing…as in…I have changed because of what took place.  On the one hand I don’t what it all mean’s but I DO know for certain that the purpose to the rest of my life…the key to it…was revealed and presented itself to me…clearly.  What I do with this ‘key’, where I take it, what I find to ‘unlock’…well I guess that part is up to me…all I know…is that it was one of the most sacred night’s of my life…and I am beyond grateful…

Blessed Be to One and ALL….your loving Miss Moonsparkle xxx Always…


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  1. How devastating to find ‘your’ tree gone – I had a similar experience with my favourite tree in our local park, some years ago now. Nevertheless this sounds like a very transformative night.

  2. Deepest condolences, dear Tracey, from one tree lover to another. Plant a few of your trees and nurture it to full health and green cheer. They will be your ambassadors for eternity…warm hugs and wishes your way…xxxRaj.

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