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Fantasy Island


There was a television show back when I was a child that enchanted my rainbow-striped socks off.

Two white-suited men, one tall, one considerably shorter.  The little dude (Tattoo) would always open the show pointing to the sky…’Da plane, da plane!’ he squeaked.  Then he and Mr Roarke (the tall one) would go out to a jetty and greet tourists who had come to fulfill their individual fantasies…on Fantasy Island!

The elegant Mr Roarke with his flickering granddaddy-kind brown eyes and Cuban/Dracula-esque accent always delighted in telling each visitor to “walk through that door.. (or forest, or curtain)…to which on the other side your fantasy (pronounced ‘farn-tusssy’ by he)…awaits you.”  And off one-said high paying customer would trot..(well, I am assuming the experience cost a tad more than your stock-standard weekend-island getaway).

No fantasist ever died on the island…they would always make it back accompanied by a dramatic harp-led music score and the questionable swirly kaleidoscopic camera effects of the late 70’s early 80’s.  At the end of their stay, they all lined-up on the jetty pre-departure, Mr Roarke would speak to each person one by one, reiterating the lesson learned from their experience, gazing intensely into their eyes as they hung off his every syllable.

Off into the clouds they would buzz as Mr Roarke and Tattoo would stroll back across the jetty to perhaps the dry-cleaners?…to maintain those white-on-white suits…

Three decades later I am still into rainbow socks and what’s more I still hope that I will turn the page of a library book and discover between its pages a frangipani-scented envelope with instructions on where to catch that tiny plane.

Sooooo….it has all got me thinking about daydreaming, imagination seeking, pretending, making stuff up, escaping…you get the gist…

When I really sat down to think about this, the first “Tracey fantasy” that popped into my head is the one that’s been one of my fave’s for years… Look I actually think it’s not that random to be honest… I mean it’s doable… I could actually set this up in the ‘real’ world if I had..oooh…I dunno….cash, actors, horses, Hollywood’s top make-up and wardrobe experts, an ambulance and fire-engine on stand-by….

Ok so its share-bear time…here goes…

So in a long, scarlet-red velvet hooded cape I am galloping down a black-sand coastline just at the waves edge on a unicorn to “O Fortuna”.

Characters are riding behind me who are sprites, faeries and elementals.  The sea is on fire..(yeah yeah I know how did that happen…well I don’t know yet) and we have to find (thingy-what’s-his-face) to put it out. So then we all get to the edge of the woods and then I yell out “Be still my elementals!” in my best Cate Blanchett voice. The unicorns stop…um…which means we stop too…because…well we are on top of them aren’t we?…and then…the camera pans in to a close up of me….and I look up to the sky slowly. “Why? What were you looking at?” I hear you ask soooo eager to know my answer?…yeah well sadly I’m still working on that answer as well…but I CAN tell you that I wasn’t looking at “Da plane! Da plane!” coming in to land on the sea that is still on fire.

A really good indicator of what your numero uno fantasy would be is to think of it along the time-frame it would take up in a feature length movie…I reckon my scene described above would be all of 30 seconds if it was a cinema piece.

As little kiddy winkles we did this every day…it was second nature.  I have one hundred more fantasies of all varying breadth and depths…but the one I have just described is the one that has never left me since I was around ten years old and I think that its gives some real insights into some of the aspects of who I am as a person…then…now…and forever.

To some it may read as silly, cliché or self-indulgent.  Also…um…did you save the day Trace?….you can’t end it there!…it’s like going to see one of ‘those’ films that leave you with credits, weird music and a what the fudge ending.  The thing is there is no required ‘end’ to a fantasy. It is your own personal little unique snippet of dream-time.

So moonbeams…tell me what’s that go-to fantasy that you have had since you were a kid that is still your make-believe favourite of all time???

Remember to remember just for the sheer joy of remembering!….for the love of imagination.

Love and light to you…..Tracey M xx