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The Goddess Has Spoken

The Goddess Has Spoken

Hi. Sooo I’ve been thinking….about (how a lot of peep’s at this time of the year tend to do) about…well you know the drill by now…next year. I have been thinking about the year ahead and what number 44 has in mind for the ol Treymeister ( sorry that was so 80’s of me with the ‘meister’ ref).  As much as I tried to sit down and do the usual pen to paper thing…nothing was happening….I wasn’t able to put one scratch of ink down…infact my arm felt like a brick.  Then it struck me like a Cher Moonstruck bitch-slap….SNAP OUT OF IT!…Whoa!…um…ok….I thought…I am about to have a message delivered from the beyond the ether…I waited…I didn’t have to wait for long. This is what I got…

1. You are a Goddess…

2.  Get rid of all toxic warlocky stinky worn out tired over rated under-whelming unevolving crappy everything’s….A.S.A.P.

3.  You are a Goddess.


That’s all I got.  Um Mr and Mrs From Beyond The Ether?…Instruction booklet!?…you forgot the Procedure Manuel honeypuff’s!


4.  Have a great year.

Oh how cute…they threw in a good wish for good measure.  Bless.

Anyhoo once I got off the Cynical Bus I put my ear-plug’s in and my meditation music on and went for a dive down deep into my truth.  The thing is…you can’t go forward until you clean up the junk…well not the kind of forward I’m planning on. You can ‘plan’ all you like but you can’t create anything of any worth when your covered in B.S. behind the scenes. Most people have the ‘well the show must go on’ mentality and that is fair enough to a point but hey it’s you and only YOU who has to face your dressing-room mirror at the end of every performance …you have to take your make-up off at some point and go home… to yourself. You are the only true forever ‘home’ that you have on this earth….keep it clean and safe and warm and full of harmony, inspiration and love in 2015…..the cool thing about getting yourself into a mess…is that you can ALWAYS tidy it up….you have the power… anytime, anywhere, in any way you choose xxxxxxxxxxxx



THE hardest thing sometimes can be….starting. You have your creative idea come to you (love that moment) but then sometimes…THAT’S FRICKEN IT!…for a day or week or month or five.  Those muse-killing mean witches, This, That and Otherthing and their black cat Inertia keep appearing, throwing bats in your face and spraying you with smelly freeze-mist.
There really is no other solution…you have to fight them off or they will turn you into a statue and pigeons will poop on your head for eternity.
I know myself ( I am the Queen of Pro, Crasti and Nation) that settling to task can be easier said, but the feeling of relief once you get past the settling and have jumped the lilly-pad to doing…is one of the best feelings in the world for Creatives…you can breathe again…you are doing what you were born to do.
So many times I have painted something, worked on it for hours or days…then I have grabbed the biggest knarliest black permanent marker I can find and I have scribbled all over it, drawn a beard on a woman, or written ‘crapsh@#$!tmother*&^#’ all over the canvas. Sometimes I have taken the said canvas and put it in ‘The Mortuary’ – a closet for canvasses that died tragically during the creative process and unfortunately what I was creating at the time died too….conveniently…I mean…accidentally….R.I.P Lameo Attempto…
These random acts of defacing always manage to offend, anger and disturb those nearest and dearest to me….said people then try to do ridiculously inappropriate things like break into ‘The Mortuary’ and attempt to bring back the dead, then in the next breath…”How…why would you do thiiiiissss???” they exclaim shocked and wide-eyed. I just stare back cold-heartedly.  Eventually they catch my drift and back away usually whispering “murderer”…or the like.  Yeaah…they dont get it…I mean it’s gorgeous that THEY can see the potential in it, but at some point ‘I’ decided it was….a short-circuiting piece of not-today-thankyou.
It is however important to honour your initial Universe-given idea by supporting it until it is made-manifest…eventually anyway. Again, going back to that moment that the idea first made itself known to you and you were so delighted that it was there on your imaginations doorstep that you let it in and shared a pot of introductory tea with it..then you started dancing with the idea, then it stepped on your toes, so you forgave it but then when it called-in the next day and you gave it tea again… it threw up on your new Balinese mat so you wrestled it to the floor and drew a beard on its face then told it to “GET OUT…before I run at you with scissors!”…
To conclude (yes, I can hear you saying “please conclude Miss Moonsparkle I have toenails to trim”)…just write the first line of the song, brayer across the first thick colour of paint, write the first characters maybe-name and personality quirks, put the music on and gently move your body, sketch the dress, write your recipe…and hey…if your cake tastes like moth-balls…you can always throw it out to the birds…and if the birds won’t eat it….laugh out loud, phone someone and share that funny-as glorious creative moment anyway….
Love you Moonbeams….xxxx…
nanoo nanoo Mr Williams….xxxx and thank you for your Divine Mission…mission complete, but never forgotten.