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One Wednesday Morning…


park bench
Hi beautiful creatures,

A couple weeks ago something extra EXTRA – ordinary happened to me while out walking.  Something so simple and yet sooo profound in its simplicity… that I will never forget it. A minute from my house there is an old church and cemetery…I often cut through this peaceful place on my way to town to get coffee or run errand’s etc.Prior to leaving that morning I was feeling a bit stressy blah-blah, sweating the small-stuff, over-thinking things. Because of this I instantly became more clumsy than usual…I managed to drop and break a plate, step on my dog’s paw, step on my reading spectacles and the winner is….drum-roll please for this one…bite my tongue in the midst of singing in the shower….yup!…I was the epitome of cool on a Wednesday morn!  This all took place over the course of one hour….Oh my stars people!…At this juncture I was working myself into a right old tizzy!  I needed to calm my farm a.s.a.p or I had a feeling that the rest of my day was going to play-out like a Salvador Dali painting overtaken by scissor-holding gorilla’s.I made the decision to drop down into ‘Child’s Pose’.  This Yoga pose works especially well on ‘lullabying’ the mind. It encourages you to ‘let go. It whispers to you ‘Everything’s going to be alright’ in a Bob Marley kind of way. Once you are there just…listen to your breathing…breathe with gentle purpose like a sleeping baby.

With my intentions reset and rewired (thank you yoga and that Glinda the Good Witch side of my very own soul that came to help), I ventured down the road…the sun was out, I was breathing, I was doing my best to move as sure-footed as a Tiger whilst with every six or so steps I would say to myself I AM LOVE… God bless the opportunity to start again in the next precious moment.

I reached the pathway to the cemetery and in the distance I could see an old man sitting on a bench seat next to the church holding onto his walking frame…as I approached, he started to get up, struggling with the process, wobbly…but smiling and keeping his kind eyes focused on mine.

I hurried up “Sir are you ok? Do you need some help with something?” I said steadying his arm. His reply…”Oh no dear I was just getting up to take my hat off to you….to say good-morning…”

I couldnt move. I was stunned by his beauty…I was honored to my core by his intention…

“May I ask your name?’ I said.

“Yes its Ronald” he said as he bent his head forward and with his free arm raised his hat.

Fighting back my happy-tears I said “Ronald you have no idea how you have made my day perfect…..Thank you so very much.”

As I helped him to sit down again…a family approached us…

“Oh there they are…my family..” he said…smiling away again…

“A very good morning to YOU Ronald”…I waved out to the family then left the scene.

As I walked on into town, I let the tear’s fall…well…they were inevitable.

In my entire life I have never experienced a ‘good-morning’ like it.

With his sweet old-worldy gesture he engraved a poem of gold into my heart.

Angels really do move among us…..

xxxx  love and light to you always…Tracey Moonsparkle.