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Hi Moonbeam’s.  First of all I love you. Too intense to begin with? Well I’m not going to say sorry and take it back…you will just have to deal with me giving you a cyber lovey dovey love squeeze…feel the glitter-ball’s and multi-color stream’s of the dry-ice machine swirling around you…from me…to you.

The thing is…I haven’t been giving MYSELF enough fantasia-swirl’s lately…I don’t know whether it’s just my 3rd mid-life crisis trying to scratch her banshee way through the bathroom window of my mind, or a weird no-longer-a-maiden-not-quite-the-crone betwixyness thing poking my ear but….I am sweet one day, sour the next, spicy then tart, bitter then syrupy….a schitzy buffet of cray cray Shontay then John Lennon Zen.  Am I being kind to myself? Um…yeah.  Am I ‘looking after’ myself? Um…yeah…ish.  Ok so define ‘looking after oneself’….Mmmmmmmm….Sleeping enough, eating and excercising everyday to the best of one’s ability, making ENOUGH time for ritual, chanting,praying, grounding, performing random act’s of kindness, socializing, getting enough laughter in the belly, doing one thing a week that is new or creatively a little different outside the realm’s of same same? Mmmmmm….so yup….now I see why I’ve been a snappy puppy.  I haven’t been being WITH myself enough.  I have been STEALING moment’s…..that’s not……….working for me. I’ve had a big OUT OF ORDER sign stuck to my back for two week’s and I didn’t even know that it was there…until last night when I woke up tearful…needing to crawl onto someone’s lap…well…my dog was there….snoring like a pirate post several nip’s of rum…but…mmm…I left him to it and tried to climb into my own lap but that REALLY doesn’t work so I hugged my pillow.  (Jeeez).

So…good.  I thought something TERRIBLE was wrong with me but as it turn’s out it’s actually  just a case of ME not hanging out enough with the MYSELF and the I enough.  I figured it out…and that’s pretty dam groovey because I can now DO something about it.  In day’s of old this would of gone on for week’s…even month’s. I am self-aware again…how snazzy. I’m going to pour myself a wine and drink to my own reflection…aahhh why not..she’s my oldest and dearest friend when all is said and done xx



Earth Mamma!!!!!!!!!

Earth Mamma!!!!!!!!!

Hi my Smiley Happy People Holding Hand’s!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before I even start my post I am sending you these xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! And these ************…that’s like an entire bunch of people joining together about to give you the biggest group hug ever!…oh what?…Wait.. Here come’s ANOTHER group of them….

*******************************************************************************************************************…wow!…now THAT would be the hug of all hug’s!

My friend’s I have had an interesting week…a week of Let-Go and a week of Awakening’s.  My beloved daughter is in her last year of high-school and as I watched her meet her friend’s to go to school for the start of term on Monday wearing her own clothes (year 13 student’s only do not require a uniform)…I thought…Look at that beautiful young woman…the little 5 year old child ,with her hair in two cute plait’s wearing her school back-pack with beaming ‘big girl’ pride….just for a moment fleeting, I pictured her as that little-one walking alongside this beautiful young woman…and I burst into tear’s…my heart turning over and over in love for the soul that chose me to Mother her on this Earth Plane…the last seventeen year’s of my life I have walked alongside the most kindred spirit that I have ever encountered.  I am blessed beyond measure.

I also have decided to become Vegan.  This decision and commitment to become fully devoted to this particular life-choice has brought me the most amazing gift’s…even in the three day’s that I have ‘officially declared’ my intention.  This way-of-living is for me the perfect marriage between my own personal truth and my reality…thank God I have finally given myself permission to be exactly who I want to be!

I am going to make my life-purpose evolve further out of Living This Way, teaching This Way, Helping ALL Other’s This Way, Giving Joy and Compassion This Way, Creating Work’s of Art with Heart in The Message… I am so happy I could burst! But bursting would be a little counter-productive under the circumstance’s…Ha ha!

I love this planet so much…I just never knew just how much until this dawn of enlightenment shone down upon me this last week.  I cherish Hope and Faith more than ever…I know my dear friend’s that it is SO exhausting to keep believing when bad thing’s happen and happen again, and the pain…oh the pain…the grasping, the desperate yearning to WANT to be able to make it……………………………………………….stop.

Let’s control what we CAN control 100% every single day….let’s pledge to make it continuously……………..start………….the Good that is…the endless Good, the unconditional Good, the compassionate GOOD…keep seeing it, speaking it, hearing it, actioning it, offering it, BEING it.

We are here for such a short time…no matter the time you are born into…make it a GOOD time unto other’s and eternal LOVE will be your deeply appreciated legacy and the most unimaginable glorious LOVE will be your infinite promise when God call’s you home.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

How A’muse’ ing…..

How A’muse’ ing…..

Sometimes you get stunned by the tranquilizer-dart of the Muse Goddess. As you fall into a slumber you KNOW that once you arrive at the state of Muse-induced unconsciousness that She want’s you to SEE something.  When I saw this image…I started to swim in a pool of her lovingly concocted Truth serum.  I thought…’Oh good Goddess it’s me in a profile!’.

The Jane Austin theatrical hair-up, the zodiac horn of Aries, the stage make-up, the artistic painted-on cheek, the mask…oh the mask!. Mmmm… although beautiful, intricate, veiled and mysterious…it still cover’s the eyes and mouth…a mask is a mask after all….

I want to see…clearly.  I want to speak with no barrier’s. Show my quirky pop of color.  I want to be a bare-faced truth-sayer.  Each day I want to rise-up and etch my finger’s along the groove’s of my’ I AM ‘- Arian horn’s, stand strong on MY humble little hill and let-my-hair- down so that it may fly up and away to entwine with the highest mountain’s, the sky…and the Mighty beyond!

My wish for you all this year is that you will be free to EXPRESS yourself’s…without running, hiding, or covering-up one single aspect of your Divinity.  There is nothing wrong with taking a glimpse behind (it is important to remember, give thank’s, bless and let go.)  It is important to turn full circle to the North, South, East and West..(.awareness, beauty, danger, light and darkness is what this world has always contained).  It is o.k to look down…(you need to make sure that you are GROUNDED in Spirit today.)  Lift your head now and look forward…no matter the road ahead,or who you are, you are always TRUTH -headed.  Lastly look Up….and take great comfort…the Greatest comfort of all…in the knowledge that you are LOVED no matter the mask you wear, no matter the skin you bare….your SOUL is the most precious color in the Universe….it’s the color of Love xxxxx

Soul Windows



Hello Sparkly Hearts!

Mamma Moonsparkle is back just a few day’s on from my last posting to you…


Because firstly I have missed you more than I thought I did (mmmmaw, mmmmaw and big squishy Yeti hugs to you) and also because I have made you some spiritual soup.  Now…be a good moon-child and let me feed you some food-for-thought before you run along and play.xx

Now I am not into the idea of looking back, revisiting the past too often. Remembering loved ones, remembering the good to the glorious times…well sure… Go To The Glow, stay there a while and bask in the memory. Soak your bones in the warm nostalgic waters.  Connect with the past, love it, thank it then….walk on…all-the-while breathing in the Here, breathing out the Now.

As for those day’s and night’s when we discover ourselves smack-bang in the middle of a painful memory, a time in our life that stung…ok so I have an idea on how you can administer your own anti-venom and heal a little.  Now I am no doctor and I am not saying the following prescription is going to cure all your pain, turn your bad memory into a good one and I am not saying that bad memories are indeed bad for you..heck no!  If in your life-time thus far you have mastered the art of turning shit into gold-thread and weaved for yourself a cloak of goodness, then you to me are the ultimate alchemist.  If you have taken off that cloak and put it around the shoulders of another human being in need without that person even asking you to, then you are the ultimate teacher.

A few weeks ago I took a bus into the city.  I was feeling ‘ok’.. I mean I wasn’t a box of fluffy bunnies but I wasn’t as blue as I had been the couple days before.  I got off the bus and proceeded to walk up Queen Street…then I saw her.

She was in her twenties, lost, confused, tired looking.  She was very pretty but her eyes struck me as numb when my gaze met hers for a moment.  She continued to walk alongside me at the same pace, matching my stride with each step. For some reason I didn’t find it perturbing. I could hear her sniffing and softly weeping…”Don’t cry love” I said trying not to cry myself.  “Is that you?” she asked shakily…”Yes”, I said quietly.. ”it’s you”.

We continued walking the line….our timeline between the past and present.  Then we came to a set of lights and stopped at the crossing.  I couldn’t bring myself to look at her. “You need to ‘walk on’ love” I said…”Oh” she whispered…”I will wait for you down the road love ok? I will be there waiting…I promise you ok?”  She sighed hard…”I believe you”.

My heart melted with relief.

“Good girl…you just keep walking ok?”…”Yes…I will just keep walking”.

And with that the traffic light signalled to cross and I watched her merge into the crowd and disappear..

I found a cafe and sat down with a coffee.  I didn’t expect that event in my day. It blew my mind.

I felt….incredible. I remembered that day two decades earlier…that beautiful young woman….how alone and empty and screwed up she felt.

I sipped my coffee….I felt….wisdom….I felt pride.  I felt my Golden Cloak around my shoulders…I felt humbled.

Go for a walk if something hurts Moonbeams…revisit one of your precious selves if that self is still hurting…have the conversation…connect, love and give thanks…then let go.

Go home….find a mirror…look into your eyes….and don’t you turn away until you smile at who you are TODAY…xxx