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We have em…those day’s…the wobbly-un-co-unsure-footed-hyper-sensitive-what-the-fudge-days where your just holding it together as you zig-zag from one thing to the next feeling like your going to implode into a thousand  spikey particles should you attempt to take another step…

You tell yourself…’ok …come on love…pull yourself together’ or ‘calm your farm’ or ‘take five’ ‘take a breather’ ‘take some caffenine….a cake….a nap…a headache pill…make a list of positive affirmations…. Good!….Good idea!…where’s a pen?? Oh for goodness sake’s you dont have a pen??? You always have a pen! Oh forget the list then!!! What were you thinking leaving the house without your pen and your dignity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??

Yes…well that there, right above, is an example of one of my….’those day’s’ day’s and the un-charming self- talk that goes on. And on. And on….until I fall into bed at night stiffer than an ironing-board with my brain frying inside my head like an egg left too long on a skillet pan.

I came to the conclusion that I am a person who keeps to herself on those day’s…very aware of the fact that I don’t feel that I can ‘put my stuff, my skew-wiffy energy ‘onto’ another person…but you know what?  That’s just silly.  It wasn’t working for me.

Some people can decide to set to a task on their own to change their mind and the course of the day and it works as quick as match, to light the way forward into changing their vibe of the day. Not for me…..

I need someone.  To talk to me. Even for like five minutes.  Hey and I don’t even have to wax-on about my tricky day or how yuck I’m feeling or any of that….I just need to go to a ‘go-to’ pal and to listen to them talk about well…..anything…anything at all it doesn’t matter because instantly…..within second’s…I feel better….purified. Un- craycrayed.  Not so intensio-so.  Human, rather than a manic flying tumble weed  full of teeth and popping eyes…..

You forget that there are people in the world that love and care about you on those day’s. They LOVE you and they don’t want to see you all twisty and sad and they are MORE than willing to talk to you or to tell you a corny knock-knock joke that’s so bad and old-school that it actually makes you laugh.  So Moonbeam’s….please don’t go through your day all funky and lost-teddy-bear…that hurt’s too much. Remember to call your ‘go to’…and remember….you are safe….oh yeah and did I mention….fricken PERFECT….even on the ‘those day’s’…..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx