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Mamma says…’Rise and Shine….NOW’!

Mamma says…’Rise and Shine….NOW’!

I am soooo grateful to that retrograde storm that crashed through my life a few weeks back.  I felt the Goddess Kali around me like a cruel-to-be-kind Mother she came in shrilling, tongue out, eyes glaring telling me to WAKE UP CHILD! WAKE UP FROM YOUR IGNORANT SLEEP! AWAKEN AT ONCE!  She demonstrates no mercy when she wants you to see what she wants you to see…I remember going to the mirror in my bathroom and looking deep into my eyes and gasping….I saw ‘the truth’ staring back at me…it was almost like an out-of-body type of thing, I had split into two, I was looking at myself as another person…it was one of the most surreal moments of my life….it was almost like my soul, my Higher Self was staring back at Tracey the Human Being and in that moment I was confronted by all that I had created for her in this lifetime….the good the bad and the otherwise. I was hiding.  Hiding behind the day-to-day stuff, ‘acting’ as if everything was just peachy.  I heard Freddy Mercury sing out “Oh yes I’m the great pretender….’ on the radio a day or two before my ‘awakening’ and I had to turn it off as the anger it brought up in me… was so telling.

I have packed a bag and left a thing.  I have left an energy not akin to the essence of my own.  I have put the lie down called it a lesson and walked away with my head to the sun even though my heart felt battered and bruised by a darkened night…a mis-guided chapter or two that I had purposely written in secret invisible ink.

There are people today who have limited or no freedom to choose….there are people on our earth today who are too afraid to make a decision for their highest good and so tonight will close their eyes and awaken to the same reality tomorrow. I am so conscious of these human being’s at this time….they are in my thoughts and prayers 24/7 it seems…I am so blessed to be in the position of choice, reflection and healing….I am so blessed to have friends. I am so blessed. I remember getting a class full of children to show me what freedom looked like and they all just started laughing and twirling and rolling on the floor and tickling and hugging each other. Beautiful.xxxx


Earth Mamma!!!!!!!!!

Earth Mamma!!!!!!!!!

Hi my Smiley Happy People Holding Hand’s!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before I even start my post I am sending you these xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! And these ************…that’s like an entire bunch of people joining together about to give you the biggest group hug ever!…oh what?…Wait.. Here come’s ANOTHER group of them….

*******************************************************************************************************************…wow!…now THAT would be the hug of all hug’s!

My friend’s I have had an interesting week…a week of Let-Go and a week of Awakening’s.  My beloved daughter is in her last year of high-school and as I watched her meet her friend’s to go to school for the start of term on Monday wearing her own clothes (year 13 student’s only do not require a uniform)…I thought…Look at that beautiful young woman…the little 5 year old child ,with her hair in two cute plait’s wearing her school back-pack with beaming ‘big girl’ pride….just for a moment fleeting, I pictured her as that little-one walking alongside this beautiful young woman…and I burst into tear’s…my heart turning over and over in love for the soul that chose me to Mother her on this Earth Plane…the last seventeen year’s of my life I have walked alongside the most kindred spirit that I have ever encountered.  I am blessed beyond measure.

I also have decided to become Vegan.  This decision and commitment to become fully devoted to this particular life-choice has brought me the most amazing gift’s…even in the three day’s that I have ‘officially declared’ my intention.  This way-of-living is for me the perfect marriage between my own personal truth and my reality…thank God I have finally given myself permission to be exactly who I want to be!

I am going to make my life-purpose evolve further out of Living This Way, teaching This Way, Helping ALL Other’s This Way, Giving Joy and Compassion This Way, Creating Work’s of Art with Heart in The Message… I am so happy I could burst! But bursting would be a little counter-productive under the circumstance’s…Ha ha!

I love this planet so much…I just never knew just how much until this dawn of enlightenment shone down upon me this last week.  I cherish Hope and Faith more than ever…I know my dear friend’s that it is SO exhausting to keep believing when bad thing’s happen and happen again, and the pain…oh the pain…the grasping, the desperate yearning to WANT to be able to make it……………………………………………….stop.

Let’s control what we CAN control 100% every single day….let’s pledge to make it continuously……………..start………….the Good that is…the endless Good, the unconditional Good, the compassionate GOOD…keep seeing it, speaking it, hearing it, actioning it, offering it, BEING it.

We are here for such a short time…no matter the time you are born into…make it a GOOD time unto other’s and eternal LOVE will be your deeply appreciated legacy and the most unimaginable glorious LOVE will be your infinite promise when God call’s you home.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Toast, a kiss, and a tattooed Prince.

Toast, a kiss, and a tattooed Prince.

What is going on my dear friend’s?  Of late I am the receiver of all these present’s…and the card keep’s reading…For You Trace with Love from The Divine.  If I cry ANY more Happy Tear’s of a day…I am going to have to take a change of clothes with me every time I step out the door!  These were the precious interception’s in my yesterday….

Drinking my morning coffee, looking out of my bedroom window I saw toast come flying out of the kitchen window of the house next door.  A little boy in pajama’s then appear’s and say’s ‘Grandma! You can’t feed the bird’s BURNT toast it will hurt their tummy’s and taste like smoke!  Grandma follow’s him out, trying not to laugh at his insanely cute determination.

He pick’s up the toast frowning and shaking his head…”Grandma you have ‘deelishush’ budgie seed inside…why can’t we give some to the ‘outside bird’s’?  Grandma’s face beamed.  I could tell she was BASKING in that moment shared with her darling Grandson…and as she picked him up she inhaled deeply the smell of him…the joy of him…the sweetness of his innocent wisdom….’Of course we can my lovely boy…that is a WONDERFUL idea…you are so kind…’

At the supermarket, later that morning I was putting apple’s in my basket…I look up and a little baby is sitting in a trolley, smiling right into my eye’s…I blow her a kiss…she blow’s one back.

On the bus coming home from the city much later that day I sat next to a young man with heavy facial tattoo’s, several facial piercing’s and the biggest mohawk hair-do that I have seen in DECADES!!!!…I am talking EPIC.  When seeing a very elderly couple being helped onto the bus by the driver he turn’s to me and say’s.’Um..excuse me, would you mind giving-up your seat with me for those two because the bus is full?

‘Of course I will’  I said grinning like The Cheshire Cat.

He then helped them to the seat, arranged the trundler the lady had to sit securely..and then said ‘Now are you both comfortable?’  The elderly couple both chimed a dozen time’s ‘Yes dear, thank you thank you’s’ between them and the little old lady even took his hand and squeezed it in gratitude.

Life just keep’s cracking my heart open in Love…every day there is an Angel in My Sky…and Angel’s on the Ground.  I love my life.xxxx

How A’muse’ ing…..

How A’muse’ ing…..

Sometimes you get stunned by the tranquilizer-dart of the Muse Goddess. As you fall into a slumber you KNOW that once you arrive at the state of Muse-induced unconsciousness that She want’s you to SEE something.  When I saw this image…I started to swim in a pool of her lovingly concocted Truth serum.  I thought…’Oh good Goddess it’s me in a profile!’.

The Jane Austin theatrical hair-up, the zodiac horn of Aries, the stage make-up, the artistic painted-on cheek, the mask…oh the mask!. Mmmm… although beautiful, intricate, veiled and mysterious…it still cover’s the eyes and mouth…a mask is a mask after all….

I want to see…clearly.  I want to speak with no barrier’s. Show my quirky pop of color.  I want to be a bare-faced truth-sayer.  Each day I want to rise-up and etch my finger’s along the groove’s of my’ I AM ‘- Arian horn’s, stand strong on MY humble little hill and let-my-hair- down so that it may fly up and away to entwine with the highest mountain’s, the sky…and the Mighty beyond!

My wish for you all this year is that you will be free to EXPRESS yourself’s…without running, hiding, or covering-up one single aspect of your Divinity.  There is nothing wrong with taking a glimpse behind (it is important to remember, give thank’s, bless and let go.)  It is important to turn full circle to the North, South, East and West..(.awareness, beauty, danger, light and darkness is what this world has always contained).  It is o.k to look down…(you need to make sure that you are GROUNDED in Spirit today.)  Lift your head now and look forward…no matter the road ahead,or who you are, you are always TRUTH -headed.  Lastly look Up….and take great comfort…the Greatest comfort of all…in the knowledge that you are LOVED no matter the mask you wear, no matter the skin you bare….your SOUL is the most precious color in the Universe….it’s the color of Love xxxxx

March to the beat of your own drum…(eg…’Animal’ from The Muppet’s)…

March to the beat of your own drum…(eg…’Animal’ from The Muppet’s)…

Grounding.  It’s something I have become a titch obsessed with of late…because I have a tendency to walk around usually in one of two extremes…like I am Road Runner or like I am trying to get to Oz stoned…(F.Y.I…I don’t smoke that was just said so you could get a visual.)

Meditating is grounding….deep yummy gorgeous yoga breathing is grounding, laying on your back outside in nature is grounding, sitting up or against a tree is grounding, ritual creating is grounding, praying is grounding and by hokey I do all of the above like my life depend’s on it these day’s…well it kinda does because I’m working toward a more truthful state of being you see.

If you want to ‘raise’ your energy spirits, whilst at the same time ‘plug yourself in’ to security and a feeling of safety then I have some medicine for you…you put on some music (my fave’s for this are Native American drumming, Indian Bollywood style and of course Latin music).  Then….you drum it out! Or you shake it, tambourine or chime it out! If you can’t afford to invest in a percussion instrument then you find some empty plastic paint can’s (o.m.g they make they best sound and many drumming busking rock-god’s use them) or raid the kitchen cupboard’s. You will find that within 30 second’s of starting….that your smiling…making joy…freeing up and sinking in to bliss mode all at once.

If I find myself marinating in a negative energy or I am having a day where I just can’t seem to get out of my own way or I have fluffy-brain or I have witnessed or intercepted something or someone with gunky energy…THIS is the one thing that blitz’s all the Hitchcock bird’s away and bring’s back the sun.  It’s like super powerful.  Sometime’s I can even feel my ancestor’s dancing in the room with me or….even ancestor’s that aren’t my ancestor’s!…it’s fricken glorious.

So…in order to walk through 2015 as sure-footed as the tiger… practice the art of being Grounded in Spirit…connect with the root’s under the earth (of yourself) and you will be as mighty as the oak…whatever the weather….xxxxxx

The Goddess Has Spoken

The Goddess Has Spoken

Hi. Sooo I’ve been thinking….about (how a lot of peep’s at this time of the year tend to do) about…well you know the drill by now…next year. I have been thinking about the year ahead and what number 44 has in mind for the ol Treymeister ( sorry that was so 80’s of me with the ‘meister’ ref).  As much as I tried to sit down and do the usual pen to paper thing…nothing was happening….I wasn’t able to put one scratch of ink down…infact my arm felt like a brick.  Then it struck me like a Cher Moonstruck bitch-slap….SNAP OUT OF IT!…Whoa!…um…ok….I thought…I am about to have a message delivered from the beyond the ether…I waited…I didn’t have to wait for long. This is what I got…

1. You are a Goddess…

2.  Get rid of all toxic warlocky stinky worn out tired over rated under-whelming unevolving crappy everything’s….A.S.A.P.

3.  You are a Goddess.


That’s all I got.  Um Mr and Mrs From Beyond The Ether?…Instruction booklet!?…you forgot the Procedure Manuel honeypuff’s!


4.  Have a great year.

Oh how cute…they threw in a good wish for good measure.  Bless.

Anyhoo once I got off the Cynical Bus I put my ear-plug’s in and my meditation music on and went for a dive down deep into my truth.  The thing is…you can’t go forward until you clean up the junk…well not the kind of forward I’m planning on. You can ‘plan’ all you like but you can’t create anything of any worth when your covered in B.S. behind the scenes. Most people have the ‘well the show must go on’ mentality and that is fair enough to a point but hey it’s you and only YOU who has to face your dressing-room mirror at the end of every performance …you have to take your make-up off at some point and go home… to yourself. You are the only true forever ‘home’ that you have on this earth….keep it clean and safe and warm and full of harmony, inspiration and love in 2015…..the cool thing about getting yourself into a mess…is that you can ALWAYS tidy it up….you have the power… anytime, anywhere, in any way you choose xxxxxxxxxxxx

I ‘DO” like Monday’s…


The other day, when I was walking home from town, I noticed a worm struggling across the side-walk under the heat of the afternoon sun.  I started to cry at the sight of him.  I picked him up and put him into shadow-covered soil under a hedge.

Later that morning I went to clear my mail-box.  My house is directly across the road from a school and it was morning play-time.  I noticed a little girl sitting on her own, looking around self-consciously, holding her apple uneaten.  My tear’s…they returned and I found myself whispering “Please…come on Universe…come to her aid”. Thirty-second’s or so later, a lovely, quite shy girl sat next to her…thirty-second’s after that smile’s were exchanged and a conversation began.

That same day, later on in the afternoon I was waiting at a bus stop.  An elderly gentleman rested his cane against the bus shelter and proceeded to take a large piece of card from his satchel with the word’s “PLEASE STOP FOR ME BUS 575″.

He turned toward me…’Excuse me are you catching the 575 bus?”

“No sir I’m not but I can let you know when it is approaching?”

“Oh thank-you so very much dear”

“You are very welcome”…I was determined this time to hold-back the urge to cry.  I chose instead to continue to talk.

“Have you had a nice day today?”

He beamed…his entire face lit-up.

“Oh yes I have had a splendid day at the Blind Institute…the people there were so helpful and I’ve learnt a thing or two today so yes I had a very nice day today indeed…I’m feeling happy.”

“That’s really wonderful…I am happy that you are happy Sir”.

He shone even brighter…my eyes melted…several more tear’s.

That night I lay in bed thinking about them all, the determined worm, the sweet hopeful little girl and that positively charming elderly gentleman.

I reflected upon my tear’s…the source of where they came from inside me.  I felt that they weren’t ‘happy’ tear’s nor were they ‘tear’s of sorrow’.  So…what was the ‘in-between’?…I asked for guidance….I cleared my mind, flung open my heart and waited upon the answer….


I LOVED that answer!  Compassion has no identity…it’s just…love…LOVE! All that is required is AWARENESS.

Laying in my bed, staring out at the star’s, I fell in-love with LIFE again. Everyday’s your birthday my dear friend’s…every morning you get to open…your own glorious ‘present’.

Sweet dream’s xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx