Coming out from behind my mushroom….

Coming out from behind my mushroom….

I use to wish that Willy Wonker was my Uncle and that Mad was my Dad and that I would watch them hang out eating freakazoid chocolate’s and drinking singing- tea and having the most off-the wall conversation’s.  I still do….imagine that….mawwww….bless.

I love quirky rad people…. artist’s ,ranter’s raver’s trailblazer’s and everything outside and in-between. I don’t like power -tripping -meany -outside-the-octagon people but I adore the harmless crazy cat’s of all society’s who contribute their original baby-rainbow’s of I-Yam-What-I-Yam self expression to us, under this earthly sky….They don’t hold back…they release…they expel, let flow!!!!…..and because of this I bet they don’t need as much fiber in their diet. Ew. Enough already.

I have always been described as ‘unusual’….’quirky’….’bit eccentric that one’….and quite frankly….I’m really rather proud of those sticker’s….they aren’t sleep inducing sticker’s….they have life in them …so I will quite happily wear them around my being until I die at 103…dressed in a pair of zesty unicorn p.j’s on a hammock in the forest with Kate Bush wuthering-on…STILL about Heathcliff in the background.

Thing is though….I am aware that…I still hold back.  I still edit, tone-down, curb my edge’s and urge’s. Don’t want to though!!….I want to sit in my bone’s and present them….even MORE authentically….I’m still a bit bull-shitty here and there and it annoy’s me about me. Must be the upbringing’s conditioning of sssshhhhh still lurking around….not sure….will ponder.  Less isn’t fricken more it’s LESS….I want MORE.  More of all the stuff that we take with us when we beam up, not the stuff n stuff we leave….like shampoo .  Huh? Nevermind.

I’m going to have a week of being conscious of being MORE in my moment’s…. should the desire sweep over.  Smiling A LOT at people. I shall be talking to myself AND talking back.  Painting with MORE gusto….creating with more intensity and pop….being me TOTALLY unconditionally….a week of wide-eyed-wonderment. Bring….. IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be bold moonbeam’s….be BOLD.xxxxxxxxxxxx


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    • Thank you my friend!Yes revel in creativity bring’s me such peace. A little boy today sitting close to me at a cafe looked at me smiling and remarked to his Mother”Look Mummy that lady look’s like fun!”. I roared with laughter….then so did he…then so did his Mother…such a priceless moment!

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