There is a dude (a totally cool dude) who lives in my community who dresses like a superherowrestler. I have never seen him in jeans and a t-shirt…he is always wearing his own creation’s. I was waiting for a bus the other day and he came and sat down next to me and we had the most awesome conversation about self-expression and the weather elements and art and food and quills and writing poetry…then he announced that he had decided to go to the library so bid me a farewell, swooped and swished his cape and left…billowing down the street then vanishing into thin air (ok so he turned right and disappeared…I lied about the last bit.)

He is such a happy, articulate man…well spoken with a chilled-out peaceful vibe…it was such a pleasure to of had a chatter with him…the fact that he was dressed in a long glorious cape, gloves up to his elbow’s and pointy boots with lightening bolts and the biggest belt with belt-buckle that I have ever seen…made it even more unusual and wonderful and refreshing.

In the fifteen minutes we chatted…yep….driver’s drove by and looked…people walked by and looked…and I thought about it later…that pretty much everyone looked the same way….the furrowed brow of confusion/interest and the half-smile and the tilt of the head…furrow, half-smile, tilt…the ‘what the?’ look…it was everywhere.

Every now and  then my new friend (I never asked his name, he never mentioned it), would say a perky and yet peaceful sounding ‘Goodmorning!’ to a passer-by and it seemed to be( for most anyhoo) a furrow-half-smile-tilt -evaporator….’oh…goodmorning…’ most people replied back instantly…a few others just looked down or away or continued on by with the half-smile without the ‘good-morning’ returned.

I’m not going to make a comment on what I have written above…human nature is what it is… but I will say that there are people in this world who dress in jeans and a t-shirt and are superhero’s in life and there are even some people who are superhero’s in life and choose to dress outwardly as superhero’s when they get up in the morning…and I think that THAT is fricken awesome…. I wish him a happy life with all my heart xxxxxxxxxx


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