Stars Apart in the Galaxy of Oneness

Stars Apart in the Galaxy of Oneness

Sometimes you can say things to a dear-one and YOU believe that in that moment…that you are telling the truth.  You also perhaps take a good chunk of time to think BEFORE you speak and you then spend a day or two constructing and preparing with great care the right words so as to (hopefully) strike an honest balance between ‘speaking YOUR truth’ and being sensitive to the loved-ones feelings simultaneously. You pray on it, then you say what you want to say to the loved-one…then it all turns into a big, angry, hot, septic, high-voltage…..mess.  The loved-one feels attacked, YOU feel completely misinterpreted and attacked back, you try to explain….but the loved-one is sooo deeply offended or hurt or confused or all three and more….that…for ‘the time being’ no resolution it seems can be found and the silence that then falls after an emotional battle…or any kind of battle on this planet…ring’s loud-in-void in your ear, run’s sad, helpless blood through your veins and makes your heart beat tears.  IT SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS WHEN THIS HAPPENS IN LIFE WITH SOMEONE THAT AT THE END OF THE DAY AND NIGHT AND TIME….YOU LOVE WITH ALL YOUR SOUL-HEART.

I don’t know Moonbeams what I am going to do or how I am going to fix this situation.  I have chanted and prayed about it and I got..’.just leave it for now and send yourself, the loved-one and the situation itself love and flowers and angels and light.’ I am going with that particular flow of Heavenly advice for now….letting myself feel whatever it is that comes up…but always making a conscious spiritual choice to end any thoughts about this….in LOVE.

Sometimes two people…just need a little time apart…its tough…you miss em…you want to fix it all up and get back to hanging out.  Do I regret saying what I wanted to say that day?…No…I NEEDED to speak my truth in the name of my own journey…I just didn’t expect nor intend for one minute this level of fall-out…oh well…I guess you get that.  Anyway my little moon-boots…I’m sending you lot’s of sparkles of zesty color-pop’s and I will let you know how I go….Have an exceptional full-moon night of


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