Eat, Pray (on your mobile) Love

Eat, Pray (on your mobile) Love

So I was walking into the township this morn, (overly swinging my arm’s I noticed, which mean’s that I was in a particularly snazzaroo mood) so I decided to start a conversation with God in my head.  I wanted to chat about my day ahead, ask for a little guidance, give a little thank’s for the ‘do have’s’, send the world a little love etc etc…get the day’s structure set-up nicely with a big ol juicy prayer…well..ah….ya…I, (as it turn’s out) I really suck at walking, talking and praying silently inside this skull of mine….meh!…what can I say…I kept getting all distracted….looking at stuff.  You can’t start a prayer and call-in all your spiritual being’s then trail off patting cat’s and sniffing flower’s and checking your hair in parked car window reflection’s…( ya I woke up with frizz ok…what can I say it get’s me a little paranoid.)

I could just imagine my spiritual team on High that I had invited in looking at each other, rolling their eye’s, looking at their Timeless Watches (there is no ‘time’ as such in Heaven) maybe making such comment’s as ‘Oh bless her day-dreamy heart but that child of God makes me feel like I am going to be late even though I am a being of an Omnipresent nature!’

Then it came to me…I needed to SPEAK-my-prayer.  I wasn’t quite comfortable with walking along the street talking out loud( I’ll get there one day) so I thought…I know!…I  will speak my prayer into my cell-phone!….Genius!….Madness! Genius-Madness! Whatever…it worked a treat! Prayer Complete. Soo….if like me you are distracted hugely by even a leaf falling from a tree  then this is the way to do go my little Moonbeam’s….0800CALLTHECOSMOS….XXXXXXXXXXXX


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    • Your a sweety puff of glittery stuff n stuff…wow…what’s the deal with my words there?! I need to resist another cup of coffee and take a nap or I fear my genius-madness will just become madness! thank ye for your comment lovely Christy.

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