The Tea of Truth…

The Tea of Truth…

Hi Moonbeam’s of Light and Magical Dust Matter that matter’s….

I asked the Universe the other night…”Hey Love…could you please tell me what you most want me to keep in my mind for 2015?”…and I got within two second’s…STAND YOUR GROUND AND LET YOUR COLOR’S FLOW!!….oh….o.k.

I needed confirmation from a human being on this( I felt the Universe tisktisk and put hand’s on hip’s, but hey, the Universe know’s that I have the odd self-belief issue here and there and often require a second opinion on the Earth Plane ) so I texted my friend Rose and said..Rose could you pull a card for me with the question in mind for me being…What do I need to keep in mind for 2015… Out of 72 card’s after ten minute’s she sent through a card that read…STAND YOUR GROUND IN THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE.  oh…ok.  Thank you Rose, you may return to the garden my lovely friend.

Soooo….I made tea and took it outside and sipped at it under the night’s blue-black sky.

“So Trace…(yes that is me talking to myself out loud)…what do you think that is all about?”

I inhaled deeply and exhaled deeper.

‘Put ALL your color’s down upon your 44th canvass this year, tell The Story, tell The Truth, Be Bold, Be Love, Be!!.’

I smiled at my word’s spoken out loud (from myself, to myself, about myself).

My body felt electric and peaceful all at once….and that…

was the End to my Beginning….xxxxxx


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