Quiet little Fish….

Quiet little Fish….

You stole my tide…..my sea of plenty

and fed it to the toi toi’s saw-like teeth.

When I lay sleeping

you slipped a fish-hook to my tongue to

reel me in…

should I say too much.

You gifted me a pretty dress

lined in a fisherman’s net

to remind me that I AM your flotsam…caught.

You invite my bone’s to swim with your’s…

I break-surface to find you laughing-cruel upon the rock’s, and

again I’m slick with oil.

This environmental disaster

makes you not my master.

I still have in my hand

one tiny grain of sand…

There-in sit’s….



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    • Thank you my friend…yes it is a poem I wrote year’s ago and found at the back of a journal…it’s interesting revisiting old material…it certainly can remind you of just how far you have ‘traveled down the road’ since.xx

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