YAZOOOOOOOOOO!…..bless you.

YAZOOOOOOOOOO!…..bless you.

It’s all thank’s to these two electromeister’s that I know how to give good lip-sync today.  Throw me a synth and I’ll throw you a party for you and your eardrum’s using three finger’s.

The first time I re-made the ‘Nobody’s Diary’ vid by the ultra-coolio pair Yazoo, I was a tiny tweeny twelve year’s old.  I sat my giant stuffed toy Pink Panther on a chair infront of me wearing sunglasses and I knelt behind him with a hair-sprayed fringe back-combed higher than Marge Simpson’s blue tower(albiet a small segment to cover my left eye only) and threw more make-up on than Duran Duran’s Nick Rhode’s ever applied his entire career.  I sang the lyric’s into the mirror with so much intention, I even squeezed out a tear or six.

Oh Vince…I adored the way you stood…um…looking and Alison!!!…the way you stand at one point in the vid with your hand’s placed in a triangle shape…I am now reliving that stance whenever I am waiting for a bus or in line at the supermarket or bank and I am finding it so liberating.  The hu-mungo diary and pen as stage prop’s and the little drama going on with those people from maybe a local thespian company looking to raise fund’s for roof repairs?…how quaint!

There just isn’t enough old school music video-making get-to-gether’s between friend’s going on anymore! Now we don’t just have mirror’s, we could record an entire video on a phone!!! Twelve year-old me would of swallowed her Hubba Bubba gum in shock and delight at such a notion!!

These type’s of vid’s taught me how to emote as a little actress.  The content of this song…it’s like this gorgeous little poem about the fear of rejection…they kept it….. simple.

So my little Moonbeam’s go grab and apply some eye-liner….go to u tube and look up Yazoo..Nobody’s Diary…put your earplug’s in first then crank the volume…and have an electric little trip with me mid-galaxy…xxxxx love you guy’s…


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    • Haha…ya…wasn’t it such the thing to do with girlfriend’s?…I think there may be a market for bringing that back to the Middle Ages…everyone who attend’s the party has to bring wine and there own hair-brush to sing into….

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