Some of my all-time favorite human being moment’s are the one’s when The Universe play’s a joke on you, smack bang out -of -the- blue! This is what happened to me this very morning and it was THE funniest thing that has happened to me in yonk’s! So I woke up feeling all very ritualistic, grateful and ‘connected’ so I burned some incense and ignited several candles made a daisy-chain and put it on my head and put dramatic Goddess make-up on (practically used an entire eye-pencil) and danced around to drum and base beats and my little dog got so excited he chased his tail around busting out his own trance-style move’s then I ate some fruit (consciously) and drank some zippy-zesty herbal tea (consciously) then I put on some meditation music and Β I got….Go ‘outside’….it is a beautiful day…

So Cosmo… Cozzy for short (that’s my fur-baby raver home-boy) and I set out into the gorgeous Down Under summer-time morn before us…

Found an empty feild………ahhhh……..lay down in the middle of it…..ahhhh…..bird’s flying overhead, bird’s to the left and right, birdsong singing loud and proud all around……..aahhhhh.

‘Isn’t this delicious Cozzy?…..’You and Mummy and the bird’s and the sunshine???’

My dog made loud tick-tocking sound’s beside me through a lop-sided tongue.

‘Oh whoops…sorry dude…you need watering…my bad’….

I sat up, poured water in my hand….he drank it then wandered off to do what he love’s more anything….sniff stuff.

I inhaled deep into my lung’s…..ahhhh…(wait with the rest of the aahhhh’s…who the heck light’s a fire outside at on a 25 degree heat morning?….messing with my yoga breath in all…!?)

‘Let that go’ said the Universe…

‘k’…I mumbled…

I sat up and moved my arm’s around, circle’s and stretches, and wrist rotation’s etc etc….

I then cupped my hand’s together, reached out and extended my ‘gratitude’ for all the miracle’s in my humble little place in the world….I closed my eye’s and felt……

A bird crap in my hand’s.

I opened my eye’s to see the back end of a sea-gull flying overhead.

I slowly brought my hand’s down to eye-level…

Yes…that’s a big ten four rodger that charlie fox-trot on the bird poop…do you copy that? Over.

I….truthfully, with my hand on my heart (don’t worry I washed my hand’s), mean every single word of what I am about to type to you…..

That was one of the most funniest most life affirming moment’s of my life.



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  1. Appreciate the down-to-earth recap of life’s pleasantries in your pristinely pure and nippy New Zealand air… You are lucky to be blessed with pure, unpolluted air. As for the bird dropping, well, it is one of those things considered lucky, even in India. I fondly recall indulging in a similar pleasantry on a festival holiday during my early school days, lying on the grass under the canopy of a sunny blue sky, resting my tired limbs after a long session of kite flying. Tracey, those were the days, one thought would never end, to catch the strains of a song…best wishes… Raj.

    • Oh I did so enjoy reading your comment Raj! Yes I am blessed to live here and I give thank’s for that every single day. There is something about walking through the native forest in New Zealand, particularly early in the morning…the air is full of so much purity and life-force. Kite flying?! Wow…I haven’t done that since I was a child…I just may have to invest in one! Have a peaceful happy week ahead Raj…

      • Well it is lucky πŸ˜› Must be nice living by the sea though πŸ™‚ Fresh sea air and all πŸ™‚

      • Being that New Zealand is essentially a country(two island’s) smack-bang in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealander’s have grown-up surrounded by the sea pretty much every time they turn around! I’m so lucky.

      • In Britain it’s quite similiar πŸ™‚ Only whereever you turn, there is always rain, tea and misserable faces πŸ˜›

      • haha…yeeees..well there’s plenty of rain here also before summer kick’s-in…it can be quite manic…Auckland is known for it’s four-season’s-in-one-day kinda deal which can see me laughing and sneezing and shouting and wheezing and melting and steaming within the course of eight hour’s. Ah ya….weather get’s to me. Tea…I AM a human tea leaf…asked for a cup of tea at three year’s old and that was that. Misserable face’s…those people just forgot to start the day with a good old fashioned belly dance in front of the mirror……..

      • I shall tey the belly dance routine. If I’m not smiling, I’m sure those watching me will be.

        Would be good to see the four seasons in a day, although it would also play havoc with my hayfever.

        Ah, Tea…cant beat it…

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