How A’muse’ ing…..

How A’muse’ ing…..

Sometimes you get stunned by the tranquilizer-dart of the Muse Goddess. As you fall into a slumber you KNOW that once you arrive at the state of Muse-induced unconsciousness that She want’s you to SEE something.  When I saw this image…I started to swim in a pool of her lovingly concocted Truth serum.  I thought…’Oh good Goddess it’s me in a profile!’.

The Jane Austin theatrical hair-up, the zodiac horn of Aries, the stage make-up, the artistic painted-on cheek, the mask…oh the mask!. Mmmm… although beautiful, intricate, veiled and mysterious…it still cover’s the eyes and mouth…a mask is a mask after all….

I want to see…clearly.  I want to speak with no barrier’s. Show my quirky pop of color.  I want to be a bare-faced truth-sayer.  Each day I want to rise-up and etch my finger’s along the groove’s of my’ I AM ‘- Arian horn’s, stand strong on MY humble little hill and let-my-hair- down so that it may fly up and away to entwine with the highest mountain’s, the sky…and the Mighty beyond!

My wish for you all this year is that you will be free to EXPRESS yourself’s…without running, hiding, or covering-up one single aspect of your Divinity.  There is nothing wrong with taking a glimpse behind (it is important to remember, give thank’s, bless and let go.)  It is important to turn full circle to the North, South, East and West..(.awareness, beauty, danger, light and darkness is what this world has always contained).  It is o.k to look down…(you need to make sure that you are GROUNDED in Spirit today.)  Lift your head now and look forward…no matter the road ahead,or who you are, you are always TRUTH -headed.  Lastly look Up….and take great comfort…the Greatest comfort of all…in the knowledge that you are LOVED no matter the mask you wear, no matter the skin you bare….your SOUL is the most precious color in the Universe….it’s the color of Love xxxxx


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