March to the beat of your own drum…(eg…’Animal’ from The Muppet’s)…

March to the beat of your own drum…(eg…’Animal’ from The Muppet’s)…

Grounding.  It’s something I have become a titch obsessed with of late…because I have a tendency to walk around usually in one of two extremes…like I am Road Runner or like I am trying to get to Oz stoned…(F.Y.I…I don’t smoke that was just said so you could get a visual.)

Meditating is grounding….deep yummy gorgeous yoga breathing is grounding, laying on your back outside in nature is grounding, sitting up or against a tree is grounding, ritual creating is grounding, praying is grounding and by hokey I do all of the above like my life depend’s on it these day’s…well it kinda does because I’m working toward a more truthful state of being you see.

If you want to ‘raise’ your energy spirits, whilst at the same time ‘plug yourself in’ to security and a feeling of safety then I have some medicine for you…you put on some music (my fave’s for this are Native American drumming, Indian Bollywood style and of course Latin music).  Then….you drum it out! Or you shake it, tambourine or chime it out! If you can’t afford to invest in a percussion instrument then you find some empty plastic paint can’s (o.m.g they make they best sound and many drumming busking rock-god’s use them) or raid the kitchen cupboard’s. You will find that within 30 second’s of starting….that your smiling…making joy…freeing up and sinking in to bliss mode all at once.

If I find myself marinating in a negative energy or I am having a day where I just can’t seem to get out of my own way or I have fluffy-brain or I have witnessed or intercepted something or someone with gunky energy…THIS is the one thing that blitz’s all the Hitchcock bird’s away and bring’s back the sun.  It’s like super powerful.  Sometime’s I can even feel my ancestor’s dancing in the room with me or….even ancestor’s that aren’t my ancestor’s!…it’s fricken glorious.

So…in order to walk through 2015 as sure-footed as the tiger… practice the art of being Grounded in Spirit…connect with the root’s under the earth (of yourself) and you will be as mighty as the oak…whatever the weather….xxxxxx


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