I ‘DO” like Monday’s…


The other day, when I was walking home from town, I noticed a worm struggling across the side-walk under the heat of the afternoon sun.  I started to cry at the sight of him.  I picked him up and put him into shadow-covered soil under a hedge.

Later that morning I went to clear my mail-box.  My house is directly across the road from a school and it was morning play-time.  I noticed a little girl sitting on her own, looking around self-consciously, holding her apple uneaten.  My tear’s…they returned and I found myself whispering “Please…come on Universe…come to her aid”. Thirty-second’s or so later, a lovely, quite shy girl sat next to her…thirty-second’s after that smile’s were exchanged and a conversation began.

That same day, later on in the afternoon I was waiting at a bus stop.  An elderly gentleman rested his cane against the bus shelter and proceeded to take a large piece of card from his satchel with the word’s “PLEASE STOP FOR ME BUS 575″.

He turned toward me…’Excuse me are you catching the 575 bus?”

“No sir I’m not but I can let you know when it is approaching?”

“Oh thank-you so very much dear”

“You are very welcome”…I was determined this time to hold-back the urge to cry.  I chose instead to continue to talk.

“Have you had a nice day today?”

He beamed…his entire face lit-up.

“Oh yes I have had a splendid day at the Blind Institute…the people there were so helpful and I’ve learnt a thing or two today so yes I had a very nice day today indeed…I’m feeling happy.”

“That’s really wonderful…I am happy that you are happy Sir”.

He shone even brighter…my eyes melted…several more tear’s.

That night I lay in bed thinking about them all, the determined worm, the sweet hopeful little girl and that positively charming elderly gentleman.

I reflected upon my tear’s…the source of where they came from inside me.  I felt that they weren’t ‘happy’ tear’s nor were they ‘tear’s of sorrow’.  So…what was the ‘in-between’?…I asked for guidance….I cleared my mind, flung open my heart and waited upon the answer….


I LOVED that answer!  Compassion has no identity…it’s just…love…LOVE! All that is required is AWARENESS.

Laying in my bed, staring out at the star’s, I fell in-love with LIFE again. Everyday’s your birthday my dear friend’s…every morning you get to open…your own glorious ‘present’.

Sweet dream’s xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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