Angel Dust


6d70fbe61ffdf1c4a7094aa5f00319c2A few year year’s ago now I taught drama and creativity to children at a primary school on a weekly basis. I remember on this particular morning waiting for the first class of six and seven year old’s to walk across the field to my drama room.

I had been teaching these children for around six weeks and had been blessed in paying witness to their creative genius.

I could see their teacher lining them up outside their class-room and as I watched them draw closer an angel whispered in my ear “pay attention”…

What I noticed first was the aesthetic beauty, the collective energy-ball of cultures all moving forward together with so much individuality and yet so much natural unity…

My next observation played-out in a kind of slow-motion effect, not unlike in a movie when the director REALLY wants you to ‘get something’…

So many beaming faces focused in my direction… I wave out from my window, little arms wave back, I hear my name called, woo-hooing, high-pitched squeals, jumping up and down, hugs exchanged, wide eyes, wider smiles. Oh my…

These precious light-beings were approaching ME with such anticipation, such joy. I was completely and utterly humbled. In that moment alone, my life had twenty-five reasons to live on into the next moment. Twenty-five students, only six and seven years-new to the planet, coming to see me…a relatively eccentric middle-aged lady wearing over-sized parrot earrings and her heart on her sleeve.

“Look again” whispered the angel…and with my spiritual eye I observed even closer still. I saw at the back of the line a little girl of whom I instantly recognized with love….me. That little girl was to go through a lot throughout her grown-up journey…she would live some days with her face to the sun and other days lost in the dark. No earth-child escapes the Dream of Light and Shadows…we live-out that dream our whole life through..

I blew a kiss to that shy, whimsical 6 year old and with that I felt her nestle-in again, her face to the sun…inside my heart.

My eye’s skyward I whispered “thank-you for showing me”…

I went to the class-room door…opened it…and the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen….with twenty-five glorious colours…stood before me.

Love and light to you always…Miss Moonsparkle.


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